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A Year-end Report for the Constituents of Assembly District 31

For immediate release:
  • From the office of Assemblymember Arambula

Dear Constituents,

I am humbled to serve as your representative for the 31st Assembly District. As 2023 comes to a close, I want to share highlights of my work this year on behalf of you and the people of the Central Valley and California.

In Sacramento, my focus is on legislation and budget allocations. I'm proud to be part of the historic effort that secured $250 million for the City of Fresno for infrastructure and transportation improvements. It will have a transformative impact on downtown Fresno, including the Chinatown district.

Asm. Arambula with Leaders on $250M in Fresno

I also secured these State General Fund allocations for the 31st District:

  • $2 million for Radio Bilingüe to help support plans for a needed new facility

JA with Radio Bilingue

  • $2 million to the City of Orange Cove to help support plans for a new police station

Asm. Arambula with Orange Cove City Council and State Allocation

  • $1 million for nonprofit Live Again Fresno for a permanent home to better serve vulnerable children living in motels along Parkway Drive and nearby neighborhoods in Fresno.

Asm. Arambula with Live Again Leaders and State Allocation in Fresno

In addition, through my former position as Chairman of Assembly Subcommittee No. 1 for Health and Human Services, I championed programs that address the critical shortage of physicians and health care professionals in our district and the Central Valley, and I strongly advocated for programs that address equity and helping our most vulnerable. These budget allocations include:

  • $70 million for Nursing Initiative Grants
  • $51.9 million for the Social Work Initiative
  • $48.5 million for Psychiatric Medicine Fellowships
  • $10 million for Promatoras de Salud Program
  • $2.8 million for the California Medicine Scholars Program
  • $11 million for the Indian Health Program for 2023-24 and $23 million for 2024-25 (and it will be ongoing)
  • $47 million for the summer EBT program
  • $9.9 million for the CalFresh fruit and vegetable program
  • $3 million for safe drinking water, extending the effort to Fresno County
  • $5 million for the Opportunities for Youth Program

Asm. Arambula with Unaccompanied Minors at Opportunities for Youth in Fresno

  • $1 million to establish the Employment First Office within the State Human and Health Services Agency (this program in Fresno doubled the monthly wage for participating individuals).
  • $50 million for victims and survivors of hate crimes against the AAPI community
  • $39.5 million to support the well-being of older Californians, focused on increasing behavioral health assistance and the continued operation of the statewide Older Adult Friendship Line.

Asm. Arambula with Seniors at his Community  Resource Fair in Fresno

My duties also include serving as an ex-officio member of the High-Speed Rail Authority Board. The Biden administration recently awarded $3.1 billion to California's historic high-speed rail project that will run through Fresno and the heart of California. The federal investment, which strengthens the State's funding, will include building a high-speed rail station in downtown Fresno that will propel the city's economic development and a brighter, cleaner future for our Valley.

I'm also proud that Governor Newsom signed three of my bills into law:

  • AB 447 - The Inclusive Higher Education Act. It establishes inclusive college programs for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities at all the state's public four-year universities, offering them the same opportunities as other students to pursue their academic and aspirational goals.
  • AB 494 - Robert F. Kennedy Medical Plan for Farm Workers. This law protects farm workers insured through their union and bolsters the RFK Medical Plan by extending the sunset provision and adjusting the current reimbursement cap based on rising costs. Farm workers are the backbone of our state's agricultural economy.
  • AB 1445 - The Neng Thao Drowning Prevention Safety Act. This bill is named for Neng Thao of Fresno, who drowned in 2017. His death was deeply felt in the Fresno community – he already was a young leader, about to graduate with valedictorian honors, and had been accepted to the University of California, Berkeley. This legislation will connect parents and children with information about low- or no-cost swimming skills programs to help prevent other families from experiencing such tragedies.

Asm. Arambula with Neng Thao family and Advocates in Sacto

Through my District Office in Fresno, the staff undertakes the fundamental work of directly assisting constituents who have issues or questions involving State agencies. My district staff also coordinates three to four Community Resources Fairs each spring and fall – these free events offer basic health screenings, resources, and information from dozens of agencies and organizations. If you need information or help with a problem, you can call the District Office at (559) 445-5532.

I greatly appreciate all the opportunities to attend events in my district, to meet with people, and to hear their concerns and ideas. It's an honor to serve as your representative, and I pledge to work even harder on your behalf in 2024.

Asm. Arambula with Advocates at Equity on the Mall Day in Sacto

Asm. Arambula with Attendees at Feria de Educacion at FSU

Asm. Arambula with Attendees at Feria de Educacion at FSU

Asm. Arambula with College Corps and Josh Fryday in Fresno

Asm. Arambula with President Jimenez-Sandovol at Latino Commencement FSU

Asm. Arambula with Shantay Davis Balch in Fresno

Asm. Arambula with Workers on Fed Investment for Rail Depot Renovation in Fresno



Dr. Joaquin Arambula
Assemblymember, 31st District