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2023 Legislation

2023 Legislative Achievements – Bills Signed Into Law 

Assembly Bill 447 – Inclusive Higher Education Act

Establishes inclusive college programs for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities at all the state’s public four-year universities, offering them the same opportunities as other students to pursue their academic and aspirational goals.

Assembly Bill 494 – Robert F. Kennedy Medical Plan for Farm Workers

Protects farmworkers insured through their union and bolsters the RFK Medical Plan by extending the sunset provision and adjusting the current reimbursement cap based on rising costs. Farmworkers are the backbone of our state’s agricultural economy.

Assembly Bill 1445 – The Neng Thao Drowning Prevention Safety Act

This bill is named for Neng Thao of Fresno, who drowned in 2017. His death was deeply felt in the Fresno community -- he already was a young leader, about to graduate with valedictorian honors, and had been accepted to the University of California, Berkeley. This legislation will connect parents and children with information about low- or no-cost swimming skills programs to help prevent other families from experiencing such tragedies.