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Human Services

California is in the midst of transforming how it delivers a broad range of vital social services, particularly to its most vulnerable and underserved individuals, families, and children. Assemblymember Dr. Joaquin Arambula has been a strong advocate for these changes and is deeply involved in moving forward restructuring efforts.

Assemblymember Arambula’s leadership in this area runs parallel with the major improvements he’s championed in health services alongside determined health and immigration advocates. Much of this work occurred during the seven years he served as Chair of Assembly Budget Subcommittee No. 1 on Health and Human Services (2016 to June 2023.) He will continue to be a resolute advocate for needed changes to ensure equity for all people who call California home.

In the area of human services, he strongly supports the transformation of CalAIM (California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal), which serves one-third of the state’s residents. This substantial revamp seeks to make the system more equitable, coordinated, and person-centered in integrating physical health and mental health services.

In addition, Assemblymember Arambula has been a vocal advocate for addressing ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences). These are traumatic childhood experiences that includes abuse, neglect, and being exposed to violence. He also has supported overall efforts to improve mental health and behavioral health services, especially for children and youth, in the wake of COVID-19 – the pandemic’s impact has increased anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other challenges for young people.

Assemblymember Arambula has pushed for program funding and authored legislation, such as Assembly Bill 340 that created programs for low-income children, adolescents, and teenagers to receive critical recovery services related to childhood trauma.

He also authored Assembly Bill 451, which removed barriers in the law to ensure that individuals seeking emergency psychiatric services have timely access to additional care and services. And, he authored Assembly Bill 470. This legislation established tracking/evaluation measures to ensure Medi-Cal recipients receive timely access to quality mental health services that meet their cultural and language needs.

On another front, Assemblymember Arambula’s support for CalFresh prompted his authorship of Assembly Bill 2810. This legislation addressed student hunger at California’s institutions of higher learning by ensuring low-income students have equitable access to nutritious and sufficient food sources. By doing so, these students can focus on their academics and successfully pursue their future careers.

Equity in services for the disabled also is important to Assemblymember Arambula. In addition to pushing for more funding for services, he’s authored legislation. These bills include Assembly Bill 2480 that created a pilot program to provide transitional services to blind or visually impaired individuals and Assembly Bill 447, which will help establish inclusive college programs for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities at public four-year universities.

Assemblymember Arambula adamantly believes that human services programs are essential in making our state a better, safer, and healthier place – and that benefits ALL Californians.