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2022 Legislation

2022 Legislative Achievements - Bills Signed into Law

Assembly Bill 2030County of Fresno Citizens Redistricting Commission
Establishes the Fresno County of Fresno Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw district boundaries for the Fresno County Board of Supervisors.

Assembly Bill 2315Minimizing Deadnaming in the California Community College Systems
Minimizes the chance a student is deadnamed while attending a California Community College by ensuring students and faculty at these colleges can designate their affirmed or chosen name and pronoun while attending or working at these colleges.

Assembly Bill 2420Extreme Heat and Perinatal Health Study
Establishes a workgroup to identify and submit a report on evidence-based services and programs that the State Legislature should consider establishing or expanding to address the effects of extreme heat on perinatal outcomes, both maternal and infant health.

Assembly Bill 2480Transitional Department of Rehabilitation Services for Blind Adults
Creates a pilot program to provide transitional services to blind or visually impaired individuals – it wouldn’t require a vocational goal but instead helps people recently blind learn how to navigate the world around them and regain their ability to live independently.

Assembly Bill 2724Improving Access to Affordable Care
Makes it easier for low-income Californians to go directly to providers for health care, eliminating confusing bureaucracy that is difficult for consumers to navigate while increasing accountability and transparency in the Medi-Cal program.

Assembly Bill 2780Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts
Allows the City of Selma in Fresno County to establish an enhanced infrastructure financing district if it re-engages in good faith and meets several requirements to use this tool to fund housing constructional, social services centers, and climate resilience projects.

Assembly Bill 2810Increasing Access to CalFresh in Higher Education
Addresses student hunger at California’s higher education institutions by ensuring low-income students have equitable access to nutritious and sufficient food sources by improving access to the CalFresh program.

Assembly Bill 2895Streamlining Water Transfers
Allows the State to more effectively adapt to evolving drought conditions by modernizing and streamlining the water transfer petition process, allowing for earlier action, improving communication between impacted agencies and individuals, and increasing public accessibility of transfer petition information.