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Be Counted, California!

Every 10 years, the United States Census Bureau must conduct a survey to determine the population of our nation. It’s a monumental task that can greatly impact California, and the Central Valley.

It’s vital that we provide an accurate number for a variety of reasons. The census determines the amount of federal funds allocated to each state, in areas such as Head Start, programs for the elderly, Title I grants for schools, public transportation, and more. The census also determines the number of congressional districts each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Having served on the Assembly’s Select Committee on the Census, I am very concerned about the challenges that could impede California’s aim to count everyone in 2020. Efforts are underway to address these challenges because a severe undercount will significantly impact region, including our considerable “hard-to-count” population, which includes people who live in rural areas, young people who are mobile, renters, the homeless, and children under 5. In the Central Valley, the “hard-to-count” population also includes Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans and Native Americans.

Our state’s task is made more challenging by the fears and mistrust in these communities stoked by the current federal administration. We must assure that all census information will be confidential and secure. We are assisting the effort to educate everyone – from county and city governments to community organizations and the general public – about the critical need to be as precise as possible.

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